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A curated list of awesome Human-AI Interaction
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Awesome Human-AI Interactiton Awesome

There has been a rising trend of applying Deep Learning, or AI, to solve Human-Computer Interaction problems. And it's awesome to see what problems HCI researchers are solving with deep learning and what challenges that occur when designing AI-infused interfaces!

However, there seems to be no curation for all these awesome HCI + DL/ Human-AI Interaction resources so far. That's why we do this!

Table of Contents

Research Papers

ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI)

 Year Paper
2019 Guidelines for Human-AI Interaction
2019 Unremarkable AI: Fitting Intelligent Decision Support into Critical, Clinical Decision-Making Processes
2019 What Makes a Good Conversation? Challenges in Designing Truly Conversational Agents
2019 Implicit Communication of Actionable Information in Human-AI teams
2019 AI-Mediated Communication: How the Perception that Profile Text was Written by AI Affects Trustworthiness
2019 Designing Theory-Driven User-Centric Explainable AI
2019 Will You Accept an Imperfect AI? Exploring Designs for Adjusting End-user Expectations of AI Systems
2019 ATMSeer: Increasing Transparency and Controllability in Automated Machine Learning
2019 Resilient Chatbots: Repair Strategy Preferences for Conversational Breakdowns
2019 In a Silent Way: Communication Between AI and Improvising Musicians Beyond Sound
2019 Beyond Dyadic Interactions: Considering Chatbots as Community Members
2019 An Exploration of Speech-Based Productivity Support in the Car
2019 Exploring Factors that Influence Connected Drivers to (Not) Use or Follow Recommended Optimal Routes
2019 SmartEye: Assisting Instant Photo Taking via Integrating User Preference with Deep View Proposal Network
2019 QuizBot: A Dialogue-based Adaptive Learning System for Factual Knowledge
2018 All Work and No Play? Conversations with a Question-and-Answer Chatbot in the Wild
2018 Cognitive Load Estimation in the Wild
2018 Emotional Dialogue Generation using Image-Grounded Language Models
2018 DeepWriting: Making Digital Ink Editable via Deep Generative Modeling
2018 Evorus: A Crowd-powered Conversational AssistantBuilt to Automate Itself Over Time
2018 RecipeScape: An Interactive Tool for Analyzing Cooking Instructions at Scale
2018 ExtVision: Augmentation of Visual Experiences with Generation of Context Images for a Peripheral Vision Using Deep Neural Network
2018 HindSight: Enhancing Spatial Awareness by Sonifying Detected Objects in Real-Time 360-Degree Video
2018 Deep Thermal Imaging: Proximate Material Type Recognition in the Wild through Deep Learning of Spatial Surface Temperature Patterns
2018 Predicting Human Performance in Vertical Menu Selection Using Deep Learning
2018 Trends and Trajectories for Explainable, Accountable and Intelligible Systems: An HCI Research Agenda
2018 Touch Your Heart: A Tone-aware Chatbot for Customer Care on Social Media
2018 Mapping Machine Learning Advances from HCI Research to Reveal Starting Places for Design Innovation
2018 Analysis and Modeling of Grid Performance on Touchscreen Mobile Devices
2018 “Trust Us”: Mobile Phone Use Patterns Can Predict Individual Trust Propensity
2018 Norms Matter: Contrasting Social Support Around Behavior Change in Online Weight Loss Communities
2017 UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material
2017 Multimodal Classification of Moderated Online Pro-Eating Disorder Content
2017 People with Visual Impairment Training Personal Object Recognizers: Feasibility and Challenges
2016 Augur: Mining Human Behaviors from Fiction to Power Interactive Systems
2016 “Like Having a Really bad PA”: The Gulf between User Expectation and Experience of Conversational Agents

ACM User Interface and Software Technology Symposium (UIST)

 Year Paper
2018 Ubicoustics: Plug-and-Play Acoustic Activity Recognition
2018 Lip-Interact: Improving Mobile Device Interaction with Silent Speech Commands
2018 The Exploratory Labeling Assistant: Mixed-Initiative Label Curation with Large Document Collections
2018 Adasa: A Conversational In-Vehicle Digital Assistant for Advanced Driver Assistance Features
2017 Everyday Eye Contact Detection Using Unsupervised Gaze Target Discovery
2017 Learning Visual Importance for Graphic Designs and Data Visualizations
2017 Rico: A Mobile App Dataset for Building Data-Driven Design Applications
2016 Interacting with Soli: Exploring Fine-Grained Dynamic Gesture Recognition in the Radio-Frequency Spectrum

ACM Annual Meeting of the Intelligent User Interfaces Community (IUI)

 Year Paper
2019 What AI can do for me: Evaluating Machine Learning Interpretations in Cooperative Play
2019 SearchLens: Composing and Capturing Complex User Interests for Exploratory Search
2019 Proactive Information Retrieval by Capturing Search Intent from Primary Task Context
2019 A Review of User Interface Design for Interactive Machine Learning
2019 BigBlueBot: Teaching Strategies for Successful Human-Agent Interactions
2019 The Effect of Explanations and Algorithmic Accuracy on Visual Recommender Systems of Artistic Images
2019 To Explain or not to Explain: the Effects of Personal Characteristics when Explaining Music Recommendations
2018 AlterEgo: A Personalized Wearable Silent Speech Interface
2018 Creative Writing with a Machine in the Loop: Case Studies on Slogans and Stories
2018 Detecting Memory-Based Interaction Obstacles with a Recurrent Neural Model of User Behavior
2018 User Modelling for Avoiding Overfitting in Interactive Knowledge Elicitation for Prediction
2018 Every Little Movement Has a Meaning of Its Own: Using Past Mouse Movements to Predict the Next Interaction
2018 An Active Tangible User Interface Framework for Teaching and Learning Artificial Intelligence

ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW)

 Year Paper
2018 Fact or Fiction
2018 Data-Driven Proactive Policy Assurance of Post Quality in Community q&a Sites
2018 By the Community & For the Community: A Deep Learning Approach to Assist Collaborative Editing in Q&A Sites

ACM Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT/UbiComp)

 Year Paper
2018 What Will You Do for the Rest of the Day? An Approach to Continuous Trajectory Prediction
2018 GymCam: Detecting, Recognizing and Tracking Simultaneous Exercises in Unconstrained Scenes
2018 Crowd-AI Camera Sensing in the Real World
2018 DeepType: On-Device Deep Learning for Input Personalization Service with Minimal Privacy Concern
2018 Performance Characterization of Deep Learning Models for Breathing-based Authentication on Resource-Constrained Devices
2018 Online Deep Ensemble Learning for Predicting Citywide Human Mobility
2018 Deep Room Recognition Using Inaudible Echos
2018 SenseGAN: Enabling Deep Learning for Internet of Things with a Semi-Supervised Framework
2018 DeActive: Scaling Activity Recognition with Active Deep Learning
2018 Deep ROI-Based Modeling for Urban Human Mobility Prediction
2017 Multimodal Deep Learning for Activity and Context Recognition
2017 RDeepSense: Reliable Deep Mobile Computing Models with Uncertainty Estimations
2017 Mitigating Bystander Privacy Concerns in Egocentric Activity Recognition with Deep Learning and Intentional Image Degradation
2017 Low-resource Multi-task Audio Sensing for Mobile and Embedded Devices via Shared Deep Neural Network Representations
2017 Ensembles of Deep LSTM Learners for Activity Recognition using Wearables
2016 A weakly supervised activity recognition framework for real-time synthetic biology laboratory assistance
2016 SpotGarbage: smartphone app to detect garbage using deep learning

ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers (ISWC)

 Year Paper
2018 Understanding and improving recurrent networks for human activity recognition by continuous attention
2018 On attention models for human activity recognition
2018 Deepauth: in-situ authentication for smartwatches via deeply learned behavioural biometrics
2017 CNN-based sensor fusion techniques for multimodal human activity recognition
2016 Deep convolutional feature transfer across mobile activity recognition domains, sensor modalities and locations

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (Proceedings of IEEE InfoVis, VAST, SciVis)

 Year Paper
2019 Seq2seq-Vis: A Visual Debugging Tool for Sequence-to-Sequence Models
2019 Evaluating 'Graphical Perception' with CNNs
2019 InkPlanner: Supporting Prewriting via Intelligent Visual Diagramming
2018 LSTMVis: A Tool for Visual Analysis of Hidden State Dynamics in Recurrent Neural Networks
2018 GAN Lab: Understanding Complex Deep Generative Models using Interactive Visual Experimentation
2017 ActiVis: Visual Exploration of Industry-Scale Deep Neural Network Models


There are also some awesome course resources discussing Intelligent User Interface/ Human-AI interaction

School Course Lecturer
Carnegie Mellon University Human-AI Interaction Jeff Bigham and Joseph Seering
Aalto University Intelligent User Interfaces Studio Kashyap Todi and Sunjun Kim
Penn State University Crowdsourcing & Crowd-AI Systems Kenneth Huang
University of Colorado Boulder Human-centered Machine Learning Chenhao Tan
Stanford University Designing AI to Cultivate Human Well-Being Jennifer Aaker and Fei-Fei Li


Bryan Wang (University of Toronto), Joe Hsu (Academia Sinica), Caleb Lu (University of Toronto), Mingming Fan (University of Toronto), Jacob Ritchie (University of Toronto), Fanglin Chen (Carnegie Mellon University)



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