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BWAPI 4.4.0

@N00byEdge N00byEdge released this
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  • Fixed known 4.3.0 crashes
  • Bots get messages from users send even if BWAPI::Flag::UserInput is disabled, they can decide if they want to act on that themselves
  • Noncopying builds are the default, you don't need to change configuration on BWAPILib when building it in your bot solution.
  • GetBuildUnit for producing units now return the barracks, gateway, nexus etc building them.
  • Client bots are timed
  • getApproxDistance fixed, now uses the OpenBW calculations.
  • Orange players now return the correct colors
  • IsBuildable fixed to account for some doodads

Bots build differently now. Instead of linking to BWAPI/lib/BWAPILIB.lib, add the BWAPILIB project as a dependency to your bot. BWAPILIB.lib will be built to your bots output directory if it doesn't exist or is outdated (due to compiler updates). Using a locally built BWAPILIB.lib does not break compatibility with existing BWAPI.dlls.

You are always compatible with another BWAPI.dll as long as they are both built from the same BWAPI version. We're no longer including the prebuilt .lib files due to the many compatibility breaking compiler updates pushed to Visual Studio 2017.

See the full changelog.