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A build system for static front ends
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Build Starter

The purpose of this project is to define a useful starting point for developing small to medium-sized static websites while utilizing modern technologies to automate common tasks.


  • 🎆 SASS compilation/minification and sourcemaps
  • 🔥 HTML templating with Nunjucks
  • 🎇 Browserify for frontend dependencies
  • 💥 JavaScript linting, minification and sourcemaps
  • ⭐️ Live reloading and device mirroring with BrowserSync

Getting started

To get started, run the following commands (libjpeg and libpng needed for image processing):

$ git clone
$ cd build-starter
$ yarn install
$ brew install libjpeg libpng
$ gulp

That's it!


Currently, there are no gulp tasks configured to address the task of deployment to a production environment. Currently, the easiest way to deploy these projects is via or Github Pages. Visit their respective sites for instructions on how they should be used.

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