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Home Theater PC Management Application
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Since 2015, I have been maintaining a home media server that runs Linux Mint. It meant to serve a few purposes:

  • Store and serve media files across my home network
  • Backup important data
  • Learn a bit about servers and networking
  • Provide a chance to use Linux for the first time

The goal of this project is to create a dashboard that will display data such as available disk space by employing different available APIs.

Getting Started

$ source venv/bin/activate      # activate the virtual environment
$ python                # start the application

View the application at


  • Show disk usage across all disks
  • Warn if a disk is low on space
  • Show current plex/kodi activity
  • Recently downloaded items
  • Suggested movies/tv shows
  • Remote control the TV via mobile devices
  • Drive health?
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