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Post-quantum trusted time-stamping service. See go-atum for more information on the protocol.


To install atumd, run

go get

Then create a config.yaml:

bindAddr: :8080
canonicalUrl: http://localhost:8080

and run


You probably want to configure a proper webserver like nginx to act as proxy and set a corresponding sane canonicalUrl with HTTPS.

For more configuration options, see config.yaml.example

Warnings concerning redundancy and backups

atumd uses the statefull XMSS[MT] Siganture scheme. Each signature has a sequence number (seqno) and a sequence number must not be reused as it is likely to lead to signature forgery. A private key has a largest sequence number which depends on the instance of the scheme. The first free sequence number is stored in the XMSSMT private key file. Thus

  • Do not copy the XMSSMT private key file, for then the same signature sequence number might be reused.
  • In particular, do not restore a keyfile from a backup.

Instead of backups, simply generate a new XMSSMT keypair for your atumd server if the old one gets corrupted. You can add the old public key to the otherTrustedPublicKeys list in the configuration so that signatures set by the old public key remain trusted.

Instead of copying the key for redundant copies of the server, create a new keypair for each server and again add the different public keys to the otherTrustedPublicKeys of all servers.