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CLI tool to pack and unpack FTL .dat files
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CLI tool to pack and unpack .dat files of FTL

ftldat allows you to pack and unpack the data.dat and resource.dat files of FTL.



Download the installer, here:

Several antivirusscanners falsely identify pyinstaller created executables as viruses. Hence I've removed the file to prevent my domain from being blacklisted erroneously.

Linux and Mac OS X

Simply execute

pip install ftldat

or from this source distribution, run

python install



ftldat unpack path/to/data.dat

This will unpack to path/to/data.dat-unpacked. To unpack to another folder, use:

ftldat unpack path/to/data.dat path/to/extract/to


If you have a data.dat-unpacked folder and want to pack it again, run:

ftldat pack path/to/data.dat

To pack another folder, run:

ftldat pack path/to/data.dat path/to/pack


To show information about a .dat file, run:

ftldat info path/to/data.dat
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