Lazy import python modules for low start-up time. (Taken from mercurial.)
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Delays loading of modules until they are actually used. Perfect for Python apps that need to be snappy like command-line utils. Source-code derived from mercurial.

To enable, write

import demandimport; demandimport.enable()

Imports of the following form will be delayed

import a, b.c
import a.b as c
from a import b, c # a will be loaded immediately, though

These imports with not be delayed

from a import *
b = __import__(a)

Delayed loading will confuse some third-party modules. In that case you can disable the delay for just that module. For example


There are also versions that can be used with with

with demandimport.enabled():
   # do something
   with demandimport.disabled():
      import troublesome.module
   with demandimport.ignored('test'):
      import other.troublemaker


To install demandimport, simply run:

pip install demandimport


Matt Mackall <> is the original author of the module in Mercurial on which this module is based. Bas Westerbaan <> maintains it now.