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README.markdown webpage


  1. Clone and all subpackages

    $ git clone
    $ git submodule sync
    $ git submodule update --init
  2. Install various python packages.

    $ apt-get install python-yaml \
                      python-setuptools \
                      python-argparse # for python-2.6
    $ easy_install poster
  3. Configure and host tkb.js.

    $ cd /srv/default/webdocs # *or* your webdocs root
    $ ln -s /path/to/tkb.js tkb.js
    $ cd tkb.js
    $ cp config.js.example config.js
    $ vi config.js # set host to the host on which tkbd will run
  4. Set environment, create conifugration and run tkbd.

    $ source
    $ cp py/tkbd/setups/default mytkbdsetup.mirte
    $ vi mytkbdsetup.mirte
    $ mirte mytkbdsetup