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Example code for "Web-scale computer vision using mapreduce for multimedia data mining"
Notes about these examples
-- Goal: Ground the examples in the paper to actual implementations to improve understanding
+- Goal: Ground the examples in the paper with actual implementations to improve understanding
- As similar in function to the paper as possible
- Variable names may differ if it improves readability (often the 'type' as it is more descriptive)
- These are not the implementations used for the performance tests as those mix C/Python, use more complex Python libraries, use the TypedBytes input format, etc.
- Portions of the algorithms may be 'mocked' out if their functionality is not of focus
- Independent to make them easier to understand at the expense of duplicative code
-- Implementations used for performance testing are written in C and Python and differ from the provided algorithms
- A copy of the paper is provided in the project root
+- Any external test data is in the "input" folder in the project root
-[] python (2.6.5)
-[] hadoopy (0.1)
-[] numpy (1.3.0)
-[] PIL (1.1.7)
+- python (2.6.5)
+- hadoopy (0.1)
+- numpy (1.3.0)
+- PIL (1.1.7)
+- nose (0.11.1)
Additional Requirements (if you want to run Hadoop cluster examples)
-[] cxfreeze (4.0.1)
-[] hadoop (Cloudera CDH3 0.20.2+228)
+- cxfreeze (4.0.1)
+- hadoop (Cloudera CDH3 0.20.2+228)
+Running Tests
+At the project root you can run "nosetest" from the project root if you have it installed. Otherwise, each test can be run individually from the project root.
+For example (in BASH shell in project root)
+$ python kmeans/
+Ran 2 tests in 0.013s
Mapping from paper Algorithm #'s to code
Written PEP8 Tests Hadoop Example Run/Data
0 bgsub/
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0 bof/
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0 classtrain/
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0 compose/
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0 kmeans/
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0 normalize/
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0 slidingwindow/
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