Python MapReduce library written in Cython. Visit us in #hadoopy on freenode. See the link below for documentation and tutorials.
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Signed-off-by: Brandyn A. White <>


Brandyn White <>
Andrew Miller <>


IRC: #hadoopy @

python development headers (python-dev), build tools (build-essential)

cython (>=.13) (without this it falls back to the pregenerated .c files)

- oozie support
- Automated job parallelization 'auto-oozie' available in the hadoopy_flow project (maintained out of branch)
- typedbytes support (very fast)
- Local execution of unmodified MapReduce job with launch_local
- Read/write sequence files of TypedBytes directly to HDFS from python (readtb, writetb)
- Works on OS X
- Allows printing to stdout and stderr in Hadoop tasks without causing problems (uses the 'pipe hopping' technique, both are available in the task's stderr)
- critical path is in Cython
- works on clusters without any extra installation, Python, or any Python libraries (uses Pyinstaller that is included in this source tree)
- Simple HDFS access (readtb and ls) inside Python, even inside running jobs
- Unit test interface
- Reporting using status and counters (and print statements! no need to be scared of them in Hadoopy)
- Supports design patterns in the Lin/Dyer book (

- Hadoop Local currently unsupported due to a bug in Hadoop's handling of the distributed cache in this mode.  Use psuedo-distributed instead for now.  (

Used in
- A Case for Query by Image and Text Content: Searching Computer Help using Screenshots and Keywords (to appear in WWW'11)
- Web-Scale Computer Vision using MapReduce for Multimedia Data Mining (at KDD'10)
- Vitrieve: Visual Search engine
- Picarus: Hadoop computer vision toolbox

Ubuntu Install (others are similar)
sudo apt-get install python-dev build-essential
sudo python install