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ChatScript Guide To Documentation (user guides, tutorials, papers)

Copyright Bruce Wilcox,
Revision CS7.6

ChatScript has a lot of documentation in various manuals, so knowing what to read may seem daunting. Here is an overview.

Basic ChatScript for starters

Predefined Bots

  • Bot Harry - basic bot
    A brief overview of the simple Harry bot and how to make simple modifications. Potentially useful for a beginner read.

  • Bot NLTK - NL analysis bot
    A brief description of how to run the NLTK bot. Not useful for most people, especially if NLTK means nothing to you.

  • Bot Stockpile - planner bot
    A brief description of how to run the Stockpile bot. Not useful for most people. It's about planner capabilities of CS.

  • Bot Postgres - postgres bot
    Illustration of using Postgres database.

  • Bot German
    An illustration of hooking in an external pos-tagger for foreign language support.

Advanced ChatScript

Test and Debug

Specialized ChatScript

Papers in order