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defaults: &defaults
fog_provider: 'AWS'
aws_access_key_id: "<%= ENV['AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID'] %>"
aws_secret_access_key: "<%= ENV['AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY'] %>"
# To use AWS reduced redundancy storage.
# aws_reduced_redundancy: true
fog_directory: "soinformed"
# You may need to specify what region your storage bucket is in
# fog_region: "eu-west-1"
# existing_remote_files: keep
# To delete existing remote files.
existing_remote_files: delete
# Automatically replace files with their equivalent gzip compressed version
gzip_compression: true
# Fail silently. Useful for environments such as Heroku
fail_silently: true
enabled: true
<<: *defaults
enabled: false
<<: *defaults
enabled: false
<<: *defaults