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Blockly blocks and generators for HTML generation and demo with live preview
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Blockly blocks and generators for HTML generation and a demo with live preview.

The demo can be tested here:

A German demo is available as well:


Try the demo

The files blockly_compressed.js, blocks_compressed.js, javascript_compressed.js and msg/js/en.js of the Blockly repository need to be present in the directory blockly.

You can simply checkout the repository or unzip into the directory blockly. Or you can pick the files above manually to create an environment you can distribute without moving the whole Blockly source code around.

The demo saves the workspace in the local browser storage. Additionally, it supports importing and exporting blocks (Blockly XML) and exporting the HTML document.

A German localisation of the demo can be enabled by loading de.js instead of en.js in the header of the HTML file. (This also needs msg/js/de.js from Blockly.)

Library files

The files library_html.xml and library_html_german.xml are block libraries that can be used to modify the blocks using the Blockly developer tools:


  • Support more HTML tags and attributes
  • Enforce HTML tag-nesting rules via types
  • Many more …

Further ideas

  • Maybe support generating other markup languages (Markdown, LaTeX)
  • Add script-tag and allow for standard Blockly blocks in there
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