An add-on to let you snooze your tabs for a while.
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Available on Test Pilot CircleCI

An add-on to let you snooze your tabs for a while.

How to run

  • npm install

  • To develop: npm start

    • This task does 3 things:
      1. Builds the extension
      2. Starts a file watcher to rebuild on changes
      3. Runs tests on file changes
    • You can load the Web Extension into Firefox like so:
      1. Type about:debugging into the URL bar - read more about this page on MDN.
      2. Click the "Load Temporary Add-on" button
      3. Navigate to your Snooze Tabs project directory and select dist/manifest.json
  • To run once: npm run build && npm run run

  • To build for release: npm run build

  • To lint: npm run lint

  • To work with a production-style release, set the env var NODE_ENV=production. This will turn on production optimizations, while turning off logging & various development conveniences. For example:

    • Continuous file watcher builds:
      • NODE_ENV=production npm start
    • Single one-shot build:
      • NODE_ENV=production npm run build

Architectural Questions / Decisions…

  • Spec?

  • Assets?

    • Coming soon.
  • Should we write this as a WebExtension?

    • YES!
  • Add a “Developer Mode” with much shorter times, or an extra 3-second timer?

  • We’ll need something to convert Pontoon-format l10n files into WebExtension l10n files…


Snooze Tabs localization is managed via Pontoon, not direct pull requests to the repository. If you want to fix a typo, add a new language, or simply know more about localization, please get in touch with the existing localization team for your language, or Mozilla’s l10n-drivers for guidance.


Many of our icons came from the Noun Project:

  • Snooze Tabs logo: "Bell" by Aysgl Avcu, from the Noun Project. (Modified)
  • Later Today: "Stopwatch" By Marvin Wilhelm, from the Noun Project.
  • Tomorrow: "Future" By Arthur Shlain, from the Noun Project.
  • Weekend: "Sunglasses" By NAS, from the Noun Project.
  • Next Month: "Calendar" By artworkbean, from the Noun Project. (Modified)
  • Pick a Date: "Calendar" By artworkbean, from the Noun Project.
  • Undo: "Undo" By H Alberto Gongora, from the Noun Project.