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"preferences": [
"name": "urlbar",
"title": "Urlbar placeholder",
"description": "Add whimsical sayings before you type in a url.",
"type": "bool",
"value": true
"name": "ponami",
"title": "Ponami code in About Firefox",
"description": "I think you know what to type.",
"type": "bool",
"value": true
"name": "newtabicons2",
"title": "Newtab icons",
"description": "Add better icons for the new tab page.",
"type": "menulist",
"value": 2,
"options": [
"value": "0",
"label": "Off"
"value": "1",
"label": "Hover to Show"
"value": "2",
"label": "Always On"
"name": "whimsy",
"license": "MPL 2.0",
"author": "",
"icon": "data/whimsycorn-48.png",
"icon64": "data/whimsycorn-64.png",
"bugs": {},
"amd": {},
"repository": {},
"version": "0.7",
"contributors": [],
"fullName": "whimsy",
"id": "jid1-6mUPixNFCjAgkg",
"description": "Add some whimsy to your Firefox!"
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