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The file gem_alignment.ps is an early example of a barcode programmed directly
in PostScript. It is the original script by Dr. Joseph A. Paradiso used in the
alignment of the detectors in the Gem Muon System at Charles Stark Draper
Laboratory, Cambridge, Massachusetts, circa 1993.

The PostScript file is (c) copyright Joseph Paradiso and is included here for
archive purposes with his kind permission.

When referencing the PostScript file please also cite the following paper that
describes its use:

J. Paradiso, "New Technologies for Monitoring the Precision Alignment of Large
Detector Systems," Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A386,
pp. 409-420 (1997). http://resenv.media.mit.edu/pubs/papers/97_05_NIM_preprint.pdf

The following also provides more detail:

J. Paradiso, "Testing and Development of Extended Range Straightness Monitor
Systems", GEM Collaboration Report (SSCL), GEM-TN-93-331, May 1994.