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Australia Post 4 State Customer Code

The Australia Post 4 State Customer Code is a barcode used by the Australian Postal Service to encode the data on letter mail.

Data and Options

  • The first two characters of the data field are digits used to specify the manditory FCC type of the symbols, either 11, 45, 59 or 67.
  • The next eight characters are digits that specify the manditory DPID.
  • The number of remaining characters varies according to the given FCC code and these specify the contents of the customer information field in one of two alphabets:
    • The custinfoenc option should be supplied as custinfoenc=numeric if the customer information field is to be encoded using the numeric alphabet which can contain the digits 0-9.
    • Otherwise the customer information field is encoded using the default character encoding, custinfoenc=character, which permits any of the following characters:
      • Upper case letters A-Z
      • Lower case letters a-z
      • Digits 0-9
      • Symbols space and #
  • The maditory Reed-Solomon check bars are calculated automatically.


FCC 62 symbol with character customer data:

Data:    6279438541AaaB 155
Options: custinfoenc=character
Encoder: auspost

FCC 59 symbol with numeric customer data:

Data:    593221132401234567
Options: custinfoenc=numeric
Encoder: auspost