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Codabar is a linear, discrete, self-checking, bidirectional barcode symbology that can encode digits, six symbols and four delimiter characters. It is primarily used by libraries and blood banks, photo labs and FedEx airbills.

Also known as: Rationalized Codabar, Ames Code, NW-7, USD-4, USS-Codabar, ABC Codabar, Monarch, Code 2 of 7.

Standards: ANSI/AIM BC3 - USS Codabar, BS EN 798.

Data and Options

  • The data field must start and stop with one of the following delimiters
    • ABCD
    • TNE* (with the altstartstop option)
  • The data field can otherwise hold any of the following
    • Digits 0-9
    • Symbols -$:/.+
  • The altstartstop option specifies that the alternative set of delimiter characters is in use.
  • The includecheck option calculates the check digit.
  • The includecheckintext option makes the calculated check characters appear in the human readable text.


Data:    A0123456789B
Options: includecheck includetext includecheckintext
Encoder: rationalizedCodabar

Symbologies Reference

Point of Sale

GS1 DataBar

Supply Chain

Two-dimensional Symbols

One-dimensional Symbols

Postal Symbols

Pharmaceutical Symbols

Less-used Symbols

GS1 Composite Symbols

Raw Symbols

Partial Symbols

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