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Code One

Code One was the earliest public domain 2D matrix-style barcode. It is used by the health care and recycling industry and can encode full 256 character extended-ASCII.

Also known as: Code 1, Code 1S.

Standards: AIM USS - Code One.

Data and Options

  • The data field can consist of any ASCII data for standard and T-type symbols.
  • Note: S-type symbols are special in that they represent a numeric value so may only contain digits.
  • When the parse option is specified, any instances of ^NNN in the data field are replaced with their equivalent ASCII value, useful for specifying unprintable characters, e.g. ^029 for GS, etc.
  • When the parsefnc option is specified, non-data function characters can be specified by ^FNC1, ^FNC3.
  • The version option is used to specify the size and type of the symbol:
    • A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H - for standard format symbols (default automatic selection)
    • version=T-16, version=T-32, version=T-48 - T-type symbols
    • version=S-10, version=S-20, version=S-30 - S-type symbols


Data:    Code One
Encoder: codeone

Data:    Code One
Options: version=C
Encoder: codeone

Data:    Code One
Options: version=T-32
Encoder: codeone

Data:    406990
Options: version=S-10
Encoder: codeone