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GS1 Composite Symbols

GS1 Composite barcode symbologies consist of a primary component beneath a 2D component (variations of MicroPDF417 and PDF417) used to encode supplementary GS1 formatted data.


Standards: ISO/IEC 24723, ITS EAN.UCC Composite Symbology, AIM ISS - EAN.UCC Composite Symbology, GS1 General Specifications.

Data and Options

  • The data field consists of a primary and secondary component separated by a pipe | character.
  • The data for the primary component (preceding the pipe) is entered in a format identical to the corresponding non-composite barcode symbology.
  • The data for the 2D component (following the pipe) is entered in GS1 Application Identifier standard format.
  • For maximum efficiency, if the data for the 2D component contains a number of application identifiers matching any of the specifications below then they should be provided in this given order:
    • (11)...(10)...
    • (17)...(10)...
    • (90){0-3 digits not starting 0}{upper alpha}...
  • The ccversion option is used to select a specific 2D component:
  • If ccversion is not specified a CC-A component will be selected if the data will fit, otherwise a CC-B component will be used. In the case of GS1-128 Composite a CC-C component will be used if the data does not fit within either a CC-A or CC-B component.

EAN-13 Composite

Data:    331234567890|(99)1234-abcd
Options: includetext guardwhitespace
Encoder: ean13composite

EAN-8 Composite

Data:    12345670|(21)A12345678
Options: includetext guardwhitespace
Encoder: ean8composite

UPC-A Composite

Data:    01600033610|(99)1234-abcd
Options: includetext
Encoder: upcacomposite

UPC-E Composite

Data:    0121230|(15)021231
Options: includetext
Encoder: upcecomposite

GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional Composite

Data:    (01)03612345678904|(11)990102
Encoder: databaromnicomposite

GS1 DataBar Stacked Omnidirectional Composite

Data:    (01)03612345678904|(11)990102
Encoder: databarstackedomnicomposite

GS1 DataBar Expanded Composite

Data:    (01)93712345678904(3103)001234|(91)1A2B3C4D5E
Encoder: databarexpandedcomposite

GS1 DataBar Expanded Stacked Composite

Data:    (01)00012345678905(10)ABCDEF|(21)12345678
Options: segments=4
Encoder: databarexpandedstackedcomposite

GS1 DataBar Truncated Composite

Data:    (01)03612345678904|(11)990102
Encoder: databartruncatedcomposite

GS1 DataBar Stacked Composite

Data:    (01)03412345678900|(17)010200
Encoder: databarstackedcomposite

GS1 DataBar Limited Composite

Data:    (01)03512345678907|(21)abcdefghijklmnopqrstuv
Encoder: databarlimitedcomposite

GS1-128 Composite

GS1-128 Composite with a CC-A 2D component:

Data:    (01)03212345678906|(21)A1B2C3D4E5F6G7H8
Encoder: gs1-128composite

GS1-128 Composite with a CC-C 2D component:

Data:    (00)030123456789012340|(02)13012345678909(37)24(10)1234567ABCDEFG
Options: ccversion=c
Encoder: gs1-128composite


Isolated CC-A 2D component:

Data:    (01)95012345678903
Options: ccversion=a cccolumns=3
Encoder: gs1-cc


Isolated CC-B 2D component:

Data:    (01)95012345678903(3103)000123
Options: ccversion=b cccolumns=4
Encoder: gs1-cc


Isolated CC-C 2D component:

Data:    (02)13012345678909(37)24(10)1234567ABCDEFG
Options: ccversion=c cccolumns=5
Encoder: gs1-cc