MSI Plessey

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MSI Plessey

MSI Plessey is a continuous, non-self-checking, arbitrary length, numeric barcode symbology.

Also known as: MSI, MSI Modified Plessey.


  • Plessey (UK) is the original barcode upon which MSI Modified Plessey was based.

Data and Options

  • The data can consist of any number of digits.
  • The includecheck option calculates the check digit or check digits.
  • The includecheckintext option makes the calculated check characters appear in the human readable text.
  • The checktype option is used to specify the type of checksum, either:
    • checktype=mod10 (default)
    • checktype=mod1010
    • checktype=mod11
    • checktype=ncrmod11
    • checktype=mod1110
    • checktype=ncrmod1110
  • The badmod11 option allows a checktype=mod11 checksum value of 10 to be encoded with a pair of check digits 10. Normally in checktype=mod11, any input whose checksum evaluates to 10 is considered invalid having no correct representation.


Data:    0123456789
Options: includecheck includetext
Encoder: msi

Data:    0123456789
Options: includecheck checktype=mod1110 includetext includecheckintext
Encoder: msi

Data:    0123456785
Options: includecheck checktype=mod11 badmod11 includetext includecheckintext
Encoder: msi

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