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Free Web based editor for Tableharp notations based on abc notation. Please have a look on the credits below. Zupfnoter would not exist without inspiratio and help from others.

getting started

  • goto
  • you should see the demo song
  • watch tunes showing up
  • click on render to update harp notes
  • click on play to listen to the tune
  • feel free to ask if there are questions (too many features to describe here)
  • have a drobox-account if you want to save your work

Key features

  • creates sheets for table harps (Veeh-Harfe®, Zauberharfe etc.)
  • draw notes, flowlines, subflowlines, synchlines, tuplets, annotations, lyrics ...
  • print flexible exctracts on A3, A4
  • full ABC support
  • MusicXml import
  • runs in Webbrowser
  • load and save to dropbox

Zupfnoter User Interface

Zupfnoter has a self explaning user interface. Few things are important to know:

Drag and Drop

  • You can drag the borders of the panes to adjust it to your needs

  • You can drag and drop the text annotations in the harpnote preview to reposition the same

  • You can drag some note bound annotations if the related note has a dragmark [r:id|

  • you can drag Files to Zupfnoter editor pane. The following formats are supported

    • abc
    • mxl (musescore Music XML files
    • xml (Music XML files)

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl / cmd - R : Render the tunes
  • ctrl / cmd - P : play (depending on the selection)
  • ctrl / cmd - K : open the Zupfnoter console to see more messages
  • ctrl / cmd - S : save

saving your work

You can save your work in

  • dropbox: you have to login and specify the path in your dropbox. You can also open files in dropbox with the menu open. Note the the numeric identifier in the file name must be unique.

    Files in dropbox are named as ID following the conventions of X: line in ABC

  • download as abc

For more details please read the manual (sorry, it is in German) or watch the tutorial vidoes (via


This software would not exist without the great support (mentioned in sequence of contact)


This software is licensed under dual license GPL and Commercial

Contributing (needs update)

Your contributions are welcome. However, few things you need to know before contribution:

  • install Ruby 2.1.1 or higher with bundler
  • clone the repository
  • goto 30_Sources/SRC_Zupfnoter
  • run "bundle install"
  • goto 30_sources/SRC_Zupfnoter/src
  • run rake server
  • goto http://localhost:9292

Install the following node modules - the node setting is not yet done properly ...

  • blob
  • encoding
  • browserify
  • jspdf
  • uglify-js
  • ajv

Please check out latest code before changing anything. Please use Gitflow to prepare PRs

Contributors who need a Code of Conduct which goes beyond the basic social skills which usually are taught by parents or kindergarden might consider to stay away from here.

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