A Windows service wrapper for the doRedis R/foreach backend
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A Simple Windows doRedis R Service for Windows

This service maintains a set of running R doRedis worker processes. The number
of processes, Redis job queue name, and other configuration parameters are set
in the rworkers.ini file outlined below. If a worker exits for any reason, the
service starts a new one to maintain the indicated number of workers.

The service operates as a standard Windows service. It may be controlled from
the services control panel or from a DOS terminal with the 'sc' command.

Installation Using the MSI Package

First make sure that R is installed on your system. Then Run doRedis.msi to
launch a standard Microsoft installer. During the installation process, you
will need to indicate which  version of R to use and where it's located.

Once installed you'll need to edit the 'doRedis.ini' file to reflect
your local configuration. By default, this file is located in the installed
path of the service from the last step.

Each configuration setting appears in rworkers.ini on one line using
DOS environment variable style assignment, that is, everything before
the equals sign defines a symbol name (including spaces), and everything
after the equals sign defines a value (again, including spaces).

The available configuration parameters are:

Np              Number of R workers to run
Rterm           Full path to the Rterm.exe program to use (no quotes)
RedisJobQueue   The Redis job queue name
RedisHost       The Redis server host name or IP address
RedisPort       The Redis server port number


Rterm=c:\Program Files\R\R-2.12.0\bin\x64\Rterm.exe