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Sort a list, set or sorted set (zset).
redisSort(key, decreasing = FALSE, alpha = FALSE, by = NULL, start = NULL, count = NULL, get = NULL, store = NULL)
%- maybe also 'usage' for other objects documented here.
The key name of the list, set or zset to be sorted.
Set the direction of the sort.
Lexicographically sort if true, otherwise try numeric sorting.
The BY option takes a pattern that is used in order
to generate the key names of the weights used for sorting. Weight key names are
obtained substituting the first occurrence of * with the actual value of the
elements on the list. See the Redis documentation for examples.
Starting index of the sort.
Number of entries past start to use for the sort.
Retrieve external keys. See the Redis documentation.
Store the results in the specified key.
Sort the elements contained in the List, Set, or Sorted Set value at key. By
default sorting is numeric with elements being compared as double precision
floating point numbers.
A list of sorted values, unless \code{store} is specified in which case
the results are stored in the specified key and TRUE is returned.
B. W. Lewis
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