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+- Wush Wu helped add a new performance option on redisConnect to bring the
+ rredis package closer to the performance of the hiredis C library. Use
+ the nodelay=TRUE option to disable the TCP Nagle algorithm, which can
+ dramatically improve performance especially for frequent short transactions,
+ at the expense of basically allowing Redis to take over your network
+ (diable TCP Nagle at your own risk, and only enable this option if you
+ really need to). We include this option because that's what hiredis does
+ by default (wow?!!), and we want to make this performance gain available.
+ This TCP trickery unfortunately introduces a little bit of C code.
+- Use the `redisCmd` function to easily issue *any* Redis command, even
+ if the R package does not yet have a wrapper function for it. Useul also
+ for prototyping. This has been available for a while but people don't
+ seem to know about it.
+- We've cut back and streamlined code when returning raw values and,
+ based on a good suggestion of sherbert, there is now a unified way to return
+ raw values across all functions that retrieve stored values from Redis.
+ Simply add the `raw=TRUE` argument to skip unserialization of the returned
+ result.
- Nonblocking connections in R are problematic, we switched
to blocking mode.
@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@ rredis: An R client for Redis
-1. Redis is evolving rapidly. The rredis client supports many commands that are
-only available in Redis versions 1.3 and higher.
+Redis is evolving rapidly. The rredis client supports many commands that are
+only available in Redis versions 2.* and higher.
@@ -24,3 +24,9 @@ $y
[1] "Cazart"
> redisClose()
+Consider using the redisSetPipeline function to enable pipelining, and
+also read help about options available to the redisConnect function.

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