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Pure asynchronous MongoDB Driver for Scala.
Scala Groovy
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Hammersmith 0.30.0 ("Zathrus")

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A Pure Scala, asynchronous MongoDB Driver with type-classes for custom type encoding and a highly optimized BSON serialiation layer.

Modesty aside: from the expert in MongoDB + Scala. Based on many years of lessons learned working on Casbah, the Original MongoDB Scala Driver as well as part of the core driver team at MongoDB itself.

Currently a slightly broken scattered mess comprising several years of sketches, ideas and prototypes. Aimed to have pluggable network backends for:

  • scalaz-stream
  • Akka Streams
  • RxScala

The idea being to give you the maximum flexibility around what your needs are, rather than dictate your network layer.

Stays crunchy in milk!


This driver is still an early beta and should be used with caution in production. It still lacks support for crucial features such as Replica Sets.

There is also a known (but completely adorable!) issue where occasionally, an exception is thrown that causes a litter of pug puppies to burst forth from any open USB ports on your computer. You have been warned.




These fine specimens of humanity have demonstrated their mastery of Scala + MongoDB by making Hammersmith more awesome in their spare time:


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