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Personal website with Hugo, KeepIt theme and some automation! (:
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Netlify Status

Source for personal website including blog posts.

What it includes?

  • Overview
  • Blog posts
    • YOLO comments reusing Github Issues (yes ^^)

What open source tools I used to build this?

What YOLO comments means?


  • Using github issues as comments. For full discussions as well.
  • On website in comment sections it gives you index overview of comments, nothing more.
  • Prints all issues related to issue. Based on labels. For each new blog post new gh label has to be created (: (is there a label num limit?)
  • It does not care about issue status, can be even closed.


  • No dynamic reload
  • Nested responses not rendered - only as numbers
  • No markdown support
  • It points to issue filtered list so not really user friendly for new comments I guess
  • Trimming all above 200 chars

Can I copy the code for my own website?

Of course, all except (blog content) is licensed with Apache 2 license.

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