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Wisconsin-ish Global-Local Dissociation protocol
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Wisconsin-ish Global-Local Dissociation protocol

Repo contains the implementation of the WishGLD protocol, described here

Important functionality includes:

  • - the implementation of the protocol for PsychoPy 1.81.0
  • - create configuration JSON files that define blocks of matching rules and repetition counts
  • - generate a full set of stimulus cards built from local shapes
  • - generate a limited set of stimulus cards built from local letters
  • locallettergen.bat - Windows batch file calls the local letter generator to create the full set of stimulus cards

Repo also contains:

  • experiment configs - 32 json files under \configs which contain 8 Latin square permutations of the existing set files, repeated 4 times to cover the total recorded sample
  • set definition files - as generated by, in \configs\sets
  • experiment instructions in Finnish - new experiments should write their own instructions rather than translate


  • cannot generate a full set of stimulus cards, because at v1.81.0 PsychoPy could not create as many font objects as needed. locallettergen.bat is a workaround for Windows users, but others may wish to investigate whether Psychopy updates have fixed the issue by reformulating along the lines of
  • set definition files still have an ordering issue as reported in Frontiers, due to the imbalanced difficulty level of one particular condition, which is repeated more often in sets 7 and 12. Future changes should fix this by generating new json files for each subject, calling generateSetJSON from the start of WCST_final - this will require some lookup table for stimulus paths
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