@bwssytems bwssytems released this Nov 14, 2018

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Bug fixes found through issues

#923 HABridge sometimes executes both "on" and "dim" command enhancement question
#927 Added quotes around strings in json response for huemulator
#944 Binding to all IP addresses bug question
#945 Harmony activities not working after restarting hub enhancement question
#970 wrong IP address from habridge bug question
#980 UPnP listen by interface rather than address? Or listen on bug question
#992 Domoticz discovery fails when using https without any credentials enhancement question
#1001 MQTT / Java 8 Issue question
#1013 Cant set dim to 1 enhancement question

Nov 15, 2018
Fix compile error in bridghtnessdecode class.
Nov 14, 2018
Update v to v5.2.2

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Mar 16, 2018 · 13 commits to master since this release

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Small release to fix FHEM issues

Fixes #915 Problems selecting FHEM Devices bug question
Fixes #916 All added FHEM devices are having the same name bug question

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Mar 8, 2018 · 15 commits to master since this release

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#236 Support for Broadlink Rm2/pro enhancement question

#516 OpenHAB integration enhancement

#675 FHEM home automation integration enhancement question

#808 In 5.0.0, colour UDP URLs not issued to milight hub enhancement question

#809 Scanning Fibaro devices or scenes not working with 5.0.0 Informational bug

#846 [5.1.0] Harmony commands not being split into on/dim enhancement question

#850 HB[5.1.0] Fibaro HomeCenter2: Devices "Build Item" not working bug question

#851 non-dimmable device enhancement question

#853 Turn Logging off enhancement question

#860 Discovery issues from Echo Dot 2nd Gen - potential fix enhancement

#874 Error on calling URL - Nanoleaf Aurora bug question

#879 Intensity.math(x).hex does not deliver hex values bug question

#886 Exception every minute after linking harmony hub enhancement question

#891 Color replacement control in MQTT bug

#896 Incorrect examples in documentation for color. enhancement

#910 Order of data description fields seems to be hard-coded bug question

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Dec 12, 2017 · 56 commits to master since this release

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#842 Show and manage linked devices to the ha-bridge enhancement
#797 harmony hub not pairing bug question
#817 Log full of error: The requested route [/(null)] has not been mapped in Spark bug question
#821 Support HEX-Formatted RGB Values for color enhancement question
#837 -Dexec.garden breaks script execution with trailing slash enhancement question
#800 5.0.0 no longer connects to the vera enhancement question
#801 Fibaro scenes are not created bug question
#805 Fibaro HomeCenter2: Devices "Build Item" broken bug question
#841 add support for timestamp http URL variable
#836 Add support for cheap HomeWizard SmartPlugs (Smartwares Smarthome Controller)

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Nov 22, 2017 · 68 commits to master since this release

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Support for Fibaro Home Automation systems, added color support, updated http handling on calls to devices, UI display enhancements and many bug fixes.

#749 No Login Feedback - No Password reset enhancement question
#717 Having to often repeat command enhancement question
#768 Hue Items error with ha-bridge-5.0.0rc2 bug question
#782 getting server error 500 out of nowhere enhancement question
#779 Allow custom hue-bridgeid? enhancement question
#450 Unable to edit on ipad enhancement question
#336 Fibaro support enhancement help wanted
#560 How to run Fibaro Scene in HA-Bridge? enhancement question
#737 2 HA-Bridge instances: UpnpListener encountered an error sending upnp notify packet. IP: with message: Operation not permitted enhancement question
#761 Philips Hue app update - bridge update required enhancement question
#747 Issue with MQTT messages - intermittent success enhancement question
#722 Long time no operation causes failure of the first operation of home assistant devices enhancement question
#671 action taking place only on the second time i ask to do it enhancement question
#381 Resize Target Item Field enhancement question
#705 Item Delete Button deletes multiple items bug question
#327 Add Color or Raw Info enhancement question
#704 Rename "Clear Device" to "Clear" enhancement
#713 Room and basic color (especially limitless/milight) support enhancement

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Jun 26, 2017 · 102 commits to master since this release

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Fixes #676 Server doesn't listen on IPv4 on Raspberry Pi enhancement question

Fixes #673 ha-bridge not working after restart bug

Fixes #618 Long Press for Harmony enhancement question

Fixes #608 Link-Button-Feature and Hue App bug question

Fixes #669 Need to re-pair Philips Hue Bridge enhancement question

Fixes #671 action taking place only on the second time i ask to do it enhancement question

Fixes #594 Buttons on Hue Devices page do not work bug question

Fixes #654 Add possibility to set qos and retained state of MQTT messages

Fixes #665 Hue Constant updates

@bwssytems bwssytems released this Jun 9, 2017 · 114 commits to master since this release

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Switch Status enhancement
Feature Request ${device.XXXX] enhancement
[Feature] Select Interface - UPnP Listening on all interfaces/IP addresses enhancement
HAL http Control issue bug
Allow edit of configured endpoints in bridge control enhancement

@bwssytems bwssytems released this May 24, 2017 · 119 commits to master since this release

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(Issue) using math for dimming enhancement question
Fixes #612 opened 28 days ago by ich777

Server not responding/blank screen enhancement question
Fixes #600 opened on Apr 12 by Dilepa

Allow usage of https for HAL enhancement
Fixes #640 opened 5 days ago by bwssytems

HAL device control not working bug
Fixes #630 opened 13 days ago by bwssytems

Incorrect documentation enhancement question
Fixes #613 opened 28 days ago by benburkhart1

Webhook for Harmony not being saved bug question
Fixes #610 opened 29 days ago by DanfieldNet

Support for Logitech Pop enhancement question
Fixes #623 opened 19 days ago by ahertz