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Fixes and enhancements mainly for alexa discovery

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@bwssytems bwssytems released this 14 Dec 18:26
· 8 commits to master since this release

This release contains the following:

fixes #1044 Alexa app, error "Device doesn't support requested value" bug question
fixes #1118 Device status update in Alexa App is not working correctly for ha-bridge devices bug duplicate question
fixes #1126 Can't get XY ColorData into URL enhancement question
fixes #1127 Can't get separate hue, saturation and brightness enhancement question
fixes #1128 Wrong color calucation in HS mode bug question
fixes #1131 Changing color temperatur is not working correctly bug question
fixes #1132 Conversion from CIE to RGB incorrect bug question
fixes #1139 Device ID creation fails bug question
fixes #1150 Home Assistant gets null exception during initialization bug question
fixes #1170 Alexa not sending the correct color codes duplicate
fixes #1171 Please add option: If bright request present with on, only send dim enhancement
fixes #1184 Alexa will not discover HABridge question
fixes #1191 When "Use UPNP Address Interface Only" is selected, echo cannot find ha-bridge bug
fixes #1210 [Enahnacement] Have link button timeout be configurable enhancement
fixes #1215 Alexa unable to discover recently added devices to ha-bridge duplicate question
fixes #1227 Feature request: ${intensity.previous} value passing control enhancement
fixes #1239 HA-Bridge has suddenly given up itself - Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException bug question
fixes #1243 Alexa device discovery now broke question
fixes #1253 HABridge hue ColorDecode 0 0 0 bug question
fixes #1256 Homeassistant devices not appearing bug question