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Moebius is free, light ZeroMQ-based Dealer-Router python server. It's developed to be run under GNU/Linux environment.

Moebius is inspired by Tornado web-server, which is high performance HTTP and WebSocket server. Like Tornado, Moebius employs the approach with python generators to create light and single-threaded server.

Name "Moebius" (Möbius) is choosen because of nature of handlers which are python generators and could be run infinitely like "Möbius stripe".

ZeroMQ as transport

Moebius uses well known and robust ZeroMQ (0mq) library to implement transport. It uses DEALER-ROUTER 0mq pattern to implement two-way communication without specific limitations. DEALER-ROUTER pattern allows to implement three types of communication:

  • 1 request - 1 response
  • 1 request - N responses
  • 1 request - 0 responses


Moebius is single-threaded. It uses python generators to implement parallel processing of multiple clients. Developers can use either standard python methods to implement simple fast routines which just work or python generators to implement long-living routines which can run for seconds or minutes until completion.

Installation from sources

To install Moebius, download the sources from the github repository and perform the following steps:

# create a virtualenv.
# skip these tests if you already set up one for your project.
virtualenv moebius_venv
source moebius_venv/bin/activate

# installation
pip install .


  1. Python 2.7+ (we didn't tested before 2.7)
  2. libzmq 4.0.4+
  3. python-zmq library
  4. Tornado ioloop (Tornado framework installed)

Please note that, actually, Moebius does not work with Python 3.x.


Moebius is tested and works well under next GNU/Linux distributions:

  1. Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS (all from repos)
  2. Debian 7 wheezy


See doc directory for documentation and tests for examples.


There is tests/ script which should be run like (tests REQ-REP-like communication):

$ python 12

from tests directory, which takes argument (amount of concurrent synchronous clients to server), 12 in the sample above.

Keep in mind, that Moebius is single-threaded so you should use HA-proxy, BalanceNG or similar software to distribute load and utilize all cores of your system.

We have benchmarked Moebius on Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1230 V2 @ 3.30GHz and it gives us about 22K q/s for 1 server/12 clients, so for 4 servers (1 per core for Xeon E3) You should take about 70-80K q/s.


Moebius is licensed under Apache 2.0 license.


Moebius is created by Bitworks Software, Ltd.

mailto: bitworks (at)


Moebius is free, light ZeroMQ-based Dealer-Router generic python server







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