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To infinity and beyond

The game adinfinitvm is an easy and never ending puzzle game. You try to connect ropes to a loop without end by rotating. An alternate game mode is inspired by MacMahon squares and reveals the nature of this game: a two-color edge-matching puzzle without displacing pieces.

Go here to play adinfinitvm.

Go here to read my blog post about the game (german).


The game is written in CoffeScript without any additional libraries.

To compile the CoffeScript files in src/ to Javascript, first install:

npm install -g watchify
npm install coffeeify minifyify

Then run:

watchify \
  src/ \
  -t coffeeify --extension=".coffee" \
  -d -p [minifyify --map --output] \
  -v -o script.min.js

This will continuously watch the files for changes and recompile.


To test install:

npm install -g mocha
npm install chai

The test framework is Mocha and Chai is used for assertions. Then run:

mocha -w

The -w means watch for changes and re-test.


First install the awesome node-inspector:

npm install -g node-inspector

Put the keyword debugger somewhere in your code. Then run:

node-debug _mocha --compilers coffee:coffee-script/register

Et voila! You stop at a breakpoint where you put your debugger keyword.


First install:

npm install -g coffeelint

Then run:

find src -type f -iname '*.coffee' | xargs coffeelint

This will show a list of code problems.