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BYCEPS is a tool to prepare and operate LAN parties (even under different brands), big (1,000+ attendees) and small, both online on the Internet and locally as an intranet system, for both organizers and attendees. [Work in progress.]
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BYCEPS is the Bring-Your-Computer Event Processing System.

It is a tool to prepare and operate a LAN party, both online on the Internet and locally as an intranet system, for both organizers and attendees.

The system incorporates both experience from more than 15 years of organizing LAN parties as well as concepts and source code developed for more than a decade.

Parties using BYCEPS:

  • Since 2014, BYCEPS is the foundation of the public website and local party intranet of the LANresort (300+ attendees) event series.
  • In 2016, LANresort Bostalsee was launched on BYCEPS.
  • In 2017, NorthCon (1,300+ attendees) was relaunched on BYCEPS.
Copyright:2006-2019 Jochen Kupperschmidt
License:Modified BSD, see LICENSE for details.

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See docs/installation.rst.


In the activated virtual environment, install the testing dependencies:

(venv)$ pip install -r requirements-test.txt

Run the tests:

(venv)$ pytest


To spin up a local server (only for development purposes!) on port 5000 with debugging middleware and in-browser code evaluation:

$ BYCEPS_CONFIG=../config/ FLASK_ENV=development flask run

In a production environment, it is recommended to have the application served by uWSGI or Gunicorn.

It is furthermore recommended to run it locally behind nginx and have the latter both serve static files and provide SSL encryption.


The application shell is an interactive command line that gives access to BYCEPS' functionality as well as the persisted data.

(venv)$ BYCEPS_CONFIG=../config/ flask shell

Installation of an extra package makes the shell easier to use due to features like command history and auto-completion:

(venv)$ pip install flask-shell-ipython
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