A collection of quickie math functions. Nothing too fancy.
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A collection of snippets I use to do a little math. Nothing fancy.

The mission

Make a single basket for all the math functions I use to do journalism
and, as it expands, try to translate everything out of numpy so I don’t
have to deploy its entire module to my production server.

Contains functions that calculate:

  • Decile rankings
  • ELFI (Ethnolinguistic Fractionalization Index)
  • Mean
  • Mean center
  • Median
  • Ordinal rank
  • Per capita rate
  • Per square mile rate
  • Percentage change
  • Percentage
  • Percentile
  • Standard competition rank
  • Standard deviation
  • Standard deviation distance
  • Standard deviation ellipses

Other utilities to:

  • Get a random point
  • Nudge identical points slightly apart