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import os
from urllib.request import urlretrieve
class OSMDataFetcher:
"""Fetch OSM data via Overpass API.
bbox: Bounding box (S, W, N, E)
file_name: Path to save data to
query: Overpass API query or query type; pass a preset query
type (highway or place) or a query
query_types = {
'highway': '(way[highway]({bbox});>;)',
'place': '',
def __init__(self, bbox, file_name, query, url=DEFAULT_URL):
# Convert bounding box to S, W, N, E as required by Overpass API.
minx, miny, maxx, maxy = bbox
bbox = miny, minx, maxy, maxx
bbox_str = ','.join(str(f) for f in bbox)
query = self.query_types.get(query, query)
query = query.format(bbox=bbox_str)
url = url or DEFAULT_URL
url = url.format(query=query)
self.bbox = bbox
self.url = url
self.file_name = file_name
def run(self):
def get_size_and_unit(size, gb=2 ** 30, mb=2 ** 20, kb=2 ** 10):
unit = 'B'
if size > gb:
size, unit = size / gb, 'GB'
elif size > mb:
size, unit = size / mb, 'MB'
elif size > kb:
size, unit = size / kb, 'KB'
return size, unit
def show_progress(size, total_size):
size, unit = get_size_and_unit(size)
if total_size == -1:
msg = '\r{size:.2f}{unit}'.format_map(locals())
total_size, total_unit = get_size_and_unit(total_size)
msg = '\r{size:.2f}{unit} of {total_size:.2f}{total_unit}'.format_map(locals())
print(' ' * 20, '\r', msg, sep='', end='', flush=True)
def hook(num_blocks, block_size, total_size):
show_progress(num_blocks * block_size, total_size)
print('Fetching {self.url}...'.format_map(locals()), flush=True)
urlretrieve(self.url, self.file_name, hook)
stat = os.stat(self.file_name)
show_progress(stat.st_size, stat.st_size)
print('\nSaved to {self.file_name}'.format_map(locals()))
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