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Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMPs) for Magento1
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Accelerated Mobile Pages⚡ for Magento

'Mobile web is slow, clunky and [a] frustrating experience' - AMP Home Page

Magento 1.x is in the extreme of slow, the only real thing we can do is cache and use a good CDN. We can make that experience better, by using AMPs to create a read-only/browse-only version of your store you can speed up the time it takes for someone to get from search->product view.

Why Read Only?

Magento 1.x needs JavaScript to do almost anything on the platform. Because I wanted to get this out fast For that reason when creating this package I decided to put together a barebones example of AMP's for Magento.

More information on AMP⚡

AMP HTML is a way to build web pages for static content that render with reliable, fast performance. It is our attempt at fixing what many perceive as painfully slow page load times – especially when reading content on the mobile web.

If you are creating AMP pages, check out the docs on


Do not suffer a loss in traffic

Google is moving to promote sites that use AMP to the top of the search rankings in a carousel feature. Don't leave your fans behind when you could make a stupidly simple change. Most importantly the big guys wont have this yet. Win win.


1. TO DO


I would test this code, but I really do not know how to do that. If someone would like to contribute with tests that would be awesome.


Feel free to use this for your own learning, or business use. Don't sue me if anything goes wrong, because this comes with no warrenty what-so-ever. Just give me some credit if you can.

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