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(c) 2012-2020 Alexander Schenkel,

A Julia/Mandelbrot Fractal generator written in Java/Swing.

This is just a weekend / Hobby project of me. It is not at all a state-of-the-art Fractal calculator, but based on my naïve implementation. Works at the precision of a standard Java Double (so smalles precision is about +/-4,9E-324, which is pretty much already).

This project does not need you to understand the Maths behind it. It is just to SHOW you the beauty of math.


You need Maven and JDK >= 1.8 to build the tool.

Build with:

$ mvn validate
$ mvn package


with maven:

$ mvn exec:exec

pre-built JAR:

$ java -Xmx1024M -jar jfractgen-0.9.jar
# Or use the shell script:
$ ./

Main class: ch.alexi.jfractgen.Main

See also an HTML5 version of this project:

Today's already implemented features

  • Fractal settings presets for 'nice' mandelbrot/julia locations
  • color palette presets
  • define user-presets in json config file ([user.home]/.jfractcalc/presets.json)
  • uses chosable nr of Workers, for using multiple CPUs for calculating
  • dive deeper by click/rubberband zoom, zoom out
  • drag-move the fractal viewport
  • smooth colors / hard edges
  • multiple color palette models:
    • fixed repeat pattern: repeat after n steps
    • dynamic color palette: stretch color palette to match iterations
  • history / undo
  • dynamic color palette change (without re-calc)
  • multiple color palettes, multiple color apply strategies
  • PNG export
  • presets defined as JSON data in properties file
  • JSON export/import of presets
  • Transparency support in color schemes
  • Super-configurable: All relevant (and not so relevant) Fractal and color parameters can manually be set.
  • preferences:
    • nr of workers / CPU dependant
    • max. Nr of history entries
    • Background color

Planned / future features

  • create own color palettes
  • graphic bulk export/conversion/downsampling
  • aspect-ratio presets

Some Impressions

Screenshot of the application Mandelbrot Example Mandelbrot Example Mandelbrot Example Mandelbrot Example


This code contains the following 3rd-party libraries:


A Julia/Mandelbrot Fractal generator written in Java/Swing



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