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pcms - The Programmer's Content Management System

I don't need a fancy, UI-driven CMS. I don't WANT a UI, and I don't want a CMS that is in my way of doing things. A CMS is too restrictive. I don't fear writing HTML and program code. I am a developer, at last, so I feel more comfortable writing code in an editor than clicking in a UI.

This is the idea behind pcms, the Programmer's CMS: A clutter-free, code-centric, simple CMS to deliver web sites. For people that love to code, also while producing content.


  • simple, fast, node-based page delivery system. No database needed, file-based only.
  • serves HTML and markdown (which is rendered to HTML, too :-))
  • Uses Nunjucks for html/markdown files to create pages based on templates
  • separates theme / layout from content
  • Support for restricted pages using basic authentication

Getting Started

Create a new site

To start from scratch, you can generate a skeleton site from a template:

$ mkdir my-new-site
$ cd my-new-site
$ npm init
$ npm install --save pcms
$ node_modules/.bin/pcms-generate
# or, of you have npx:
$ npx pcms-generate

This will generate a fully-working demo site. Your content live in the site/ folder.

Start your server

You can start the site immediately:

$ DEBUG=server,pcms node server.js

Open a browser and browse to http://localhost:3000/

For more information, check the official documentation.


pcms - the Programmer's CMS




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