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Insightful widgets for Craft CMS Commerce stores
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Commerce Widgets for Craft CMS 3.x

Commerce Widgets is a Craft CMS plugin that gives you insightful dashboard widgets for your Craft Commerce 2 store.

They help you see a better overview of your stores performance, by viewing abandoned cart statistics, setting yearly or monthly goals/targets and seeing who which customers are buying off you the most.

All these help you to optimise your store and in turn (hopefully) increase your revenue and orders.


  • Install with Composer via composer require bymayo/commerce-widgets from your project directory
  • Install the plugin in the Craft Control Panel under Settings > Plugins

You can also install the plugin via the Plugin Store in the Craft Admin CP by searching for Commerce Widgets.


  • Craft CMS 3.2.x
  • Craft Commerce 2.x
  • MySQL (PostgreSQL support is limited)


The plugin comes with a config.php file that defines some default settings that apply to mostly all widgets.

If you want to set your own config options, create a commerce-widgets.php file in your Craft config directory. The contents of this file will get merged with the plugin defaults, so you only need to specify values for the settings you want to override.

Cache Duration

cacheDuration allows you to set how long the widget data is cached in seconds. This is great for stores with large amounts of orders/customers, to only cache stats every X amount of hours rather than everytime the dashboard loads. Default: 3600 (60 minutes)

Year Start

yearStart allows you to set when the financial/tax year starts. Default: april

Exclude Email Addresses

excludeEmailAddresses allows you to exclude certain email addresses/customers across all widgets. This is particularly useful if you use a specific user to debug orders, or if orders are created via the CP. Default: null

Config File Example

return array(
    '*' => array(
        'cacheDuration' => 3600,
        'yearStart' => 'april',
        'excludeEmailAddresses' => array(


Widget Description Settings
Cart Abanadonment Compare and keep track of how many carts have been abandoned and completed, and how much revenue you missed out on. -
Goal Create revenue and orders targets for your store and see how your progressing each week, month or year. Target Value
Target Duration (E.g. Weekly)
Target Type (E.g. Orders)
RecentProducts See what products were recently added to your store. Limit
Top Products See what products have been ordered the most based on # revenue or # orders. Order By
Order Status
Subscription Plans An overview of your subscription plans Order By
Top Customers See who's your top customers, based on # revenue or # orders. Order By
Include Guests
Total Revenue & Orders Better revenue and order overview, by current day, week, month, year and all time. -


Purge Inactive Carts Duration

It's recommended to increase the purgeInactiveCartsDuration setting ( for Craft Commerce from the default (3 months) to around 6 months (P6M). This is because the graph on the Cart Abandonment widget spans across 6 months and might show incorrect results if this setting isn't adjusted.


If you have any issues (Surely not!) then I'll aim to reply to these as soon as possible. If it's a site-breaking-oh-no-what-has-happened moment, then hit me up on the Craft CMS Discord - @bymayo


  • +15 more widgets planned (shhh, secret)
  • Google Analytics eCommerce Widgets
  • Work with all currencies and locales
  • Export options per widget
  • Commerce Lite version (Free)
  • Default widget dashboard for all users
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