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Looking for Craft 2 Support? Dribbble for Craft 2

Dribbble for Craft 3.x

Dribbble is a Craft CMS plugin that enables use of the Dribbble API to pull in shots, projects, user etc via Twig.


  • Craft CMS 3.x


Install via the Plugin Store within your Craft 3 installation or using Composer: composer require bymayo/dribbble


  • Register your application with Dribbble - https://dribbble.com/account/applications/new using the Website URL and Callback URL in the plugin settings.
  • Once you've registered your application, copy the Client ID and Client Secret and fill in the correct fields in plugin settings.
  • When your settings have saved click Connect to Dribbble and authorise Dribbble to connect to Craft CMS.


There is only one available Twig tag to pull through anything from the Dribbble API.

The get tag allows you to pull anything from the Dribbble API. For example, if you want to output a list of shots by the authorised user, you would do the following:

{% for shot in craft.dribbble.get('user/shots', 10) %}
	{{ shot.images.normal }}
{% endfor %}

The property/values the get method outputs depends on the option you specify. The property/values for the above example can be found under Shots (http://developer.dribbble.com/v2/shots)


Name Type Default Value Description
GET string null You can use any GET option from the Dribbble API (http://developer.dribbble.com/v2/) e.g. `user/projects` or `user/shots`. Also check to see what property/values are output for each GET option
Limit integer null Sets the limit on the amount of objects pulled from the API


  • Using the user/likes GET method is not available unless you contact Dribbble for a special token
  • Remember, Dribbble is spelt with 3 b's. Check your spellings 😎


  • Fieldtype to select specific shots to show in an entry

Brought to you by ByMayo