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Follow Plugin for Craft CMS 3.x

Follow is a Craft CMS plugin that lets users follow elements within Craft. E.g. Users can follow other users, and create a 'Following List', or follow categories to then generate a bespoke entries feed.


  • Follow Craft and other plugin elements (E.g. Users, Categories, Tags)
  • Generate a 'Following' and 'Followers' list for a user.


  • Craft CMS 3.x
  • MySQL


  • Install via the Plugin Store in the Craft Admin CP by searching for Follow


  • Install with Composer via composer require bymayo/follow from your project directory
  • Install the plugin in the Craft Control Panel under Settings > Plugins


As a security feature the plugin is limited by default to only allowing users to follow certain element classes:


If you wish to allow users to follow a plugins element class you can optionally add it to the allowedElementClasses config array.

Or, if you only want users to be able to follow other users you can update this array to only include the craft\elements\User class.

You update these settings by creating a follow.php file in your projects config folder. See the config.php in this plugin to see all available options.


Follow URL

To allow the currentUser to follow an element you can use the followUrl method to output the correct URL. You simply pass an element ID to it, whether this is a user, category or tag ID is up to you:

<a href="{{ craft.follow.followUrl( }}">Follow User</a>

Unfollow URL

To then let the currentUser unfollow an element you can use the unfollowUrl method to output the correct URL. You simply pass an element ID to it, whether this is a user, category or tag ID:

<a href="{{ craft.follow.unfollowUrl( }}">Unfollow User</a>


If you want to check to see if the currentUser is following or not following a particular element use the check method. Simply pass an element ID to it, whether this is a user, category or tag ID:

{% if craft.follow.check( %}
   <a href="{{ craft.follow.unfollowUrl( }}">Unfollow User</a>
{% else %}
   <a href="{{ craft.follow.followUrl( }}">Follow User</a>
{% endif %}

You can optionally pass a different user ID to the check method to check a different users following a particular element:

{% if craft.follow.check(, %}
   <a href="{{ craft.follow.unfollowUrl( }}">Unfollow Category</a>
{% else %}
   <a href="{{ craft.follow.followUrl( }}">Follow Category</a>
{% endif %}


To get a list of users the current logged in user is following you use the following method. Then pass it's results in to the correct Element Query, in this case craft.users.

{% set users = craft.follow.following() %}

{% for user in %}
   {{ user.fullName }}<br />
{% endfor %}

By default the following method will always get followed elements based on the currentUser and the craft\elements\User class.

You can optionally pass different parameters to change the user. E.g. If you wanted to display a different users following list, or if you wanted to get a list of categories a particular user is following:

{% set params = {
   elementClass: 'craft\elements\Category'
} %}

{% set categories = craft.follow.following(params) %}

{% for category in %}
   {{ category.title }}<br />
{% endfor %}


To see what users are following a particular element, you can use the following method. By default this will get the currentUser followers list, but you can optionally pass a different element ID to it. Whether this is a or etc.

{% set users = craft.follow.followers( %}

{% for user in %}
   {{ user.fullName }}<br />
{% endfor %}

Examples (Soon)

Below are a few example files to create more complex features. E.g. If you want to generate a 'Feed' of entries a user is following, or get following / follower counts etc.

  • A Users Followers list
  • A Users Following list
  • Followers Count / Following Count
  • Follow Categories with Entries Feed
  • Follow Tags with Entries Feed
  • Commerce


If you have any issues (Surely not!) then I'll aim to reply to these as soon as possible. If it's a site-breaking-oh-no-what-has-happened moment, then hit me up on the Craft CMS Discord - @bymayo


  • Different lists per siteId.
  • Ajax for follow buttons .
  • Limits on queries.
  • Auto output users elements, rather than passing a list.
  • Notifications.
  • Accept / Deny the follow request.


Brought to you by ByMayo

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