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Noncomprehensive Dotfile Archive Network (

This stores both public and private dotfiles.

Public dotfiles

Unpack to your home directory; when you do that, the public dotfiles will be created there, and you can already make updates to them and commit them.


Some dotfiles contain private things, like passwords, or things that are only relevant to one person, like email addresses. These dotfiles are stored in dotfile-templates. Run ~/bin/mkdotfiles (or just mkdotfiles because the .bashrc adds ~/bin to the path) to build them. You will be prompted to fill in the variables, and the resulting files will be placed in ~.

Writing templates

"Templates" just are normal files with variables indicated by double-curly-brace-enclosed variables. For example, .gitconfig looks like this.

name = {{fullname}}
email = {{emailaddress}}

Here are the rules.

  • Variables are defined by a phrase enclosed in a pair of double curly braces.
  • One line have no more than one variable.
  • Variables can contain any character aside from a newline, so spaces and curly braces are allowed.