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Egg (Emacs Got Git).


  • egg's attempting to autoload 'edmacro thanks Felix S Klock II


  • support 2.5.x thanks Maksim Golubev !


  • support git 2.x


  • support git 2.2.x


  • support git 2.1.x


  • support git 2.0.x


  • support git 1.9



  • some support for gpg agent. But you should use gpg-2. If you used gpg-1, add "use-agent" in gpg.conf
  • added egg-log-HEAD-name for displaying the current branch in the log buffer
  • added support for gitdir (when .git is a file)
  • added new internal frame work to talk to the git program. should be more robust now. the old egg-sync-do framework is too crude and buggy. the cmd logger (egg-cmd-log) is now used for just logging command and not involved in any process handing.
  • added new refs completion using for-each-ref. much cooler. see egg-read-ref and egg-read-local-ref
  • added next and prev navigation binding for blame mode
  • in status buffer, x will revert the file's contents to the one in HEAD. egg-diff-section-cmd-revert-to-head
  • added detection for new file, so a unstaging would turn it back to a untracked file
  • in status buffer, X now will revert the worktree back to the contents of the index. C-u X will revert the worktree and the index back to the contents of HEAD. (egg-status-buffer-undo-wdir)
  • in status buffer, W will launch egg-stash
  • in status buffer, U will unstage all files. (egg-unstage-all-files)
  • improved rebase (please test)
  • in status buffer C-u i or C-u s (egg-status-buffer-stage-untracked-file) will only add the entry and not the contents of the file to the index.
  • improved checkout ref in status buffer (egg-status-buffer-checkout-ref)
  • handled different scenarios when unstaging a diff section (new file, resolved merge, etc.)
  • rewrote the internal framework of the commit buffer. should be more flexible now.
  • with C-u C-u prefix egg-commit-log-edit will just admend the last commit with the existing message. No editing.
  • in log buffer, = (egg-log-buffer-diff-revs) now supported pickaxing. C-u = will search for a string in the diff. C-u C-u = will ask for pickaxing mode (string, regex or line).
  • cherry picking support, bound to c in log buffer.
  • used DEL to unmark commits in log buffer. the - key caused problem because it all so used for prefix. thus C-u - can't be used for unmark all marks.
  • keybindings changed for pushing/fetching in the log buffer. U and D is for push/fetch to/from remotes. "u" is for local "pushing", "d" is for.. wtf????
  • in log buffer, C-u C-u m (egg-log-buffer-merge) will offer several types of merges. (no commit, squash, ff-only,...)
  • simplified egg-log-buffer-rebase. it no longer takes the C-u prefix. it will simply rebase HEAD on the commit under the cursor using the marked commit as upstream.
  • in log buffer, C-u o will forcefully checkout the commit or ref, ignoring collisons.
  • in log buffer, C-u T now has different meaning (no longer force.) it will create a gpg signed tag. C-u C-u T will create a signed tag using default key.
  • in log buffer, if there was a ref under a cursor, branch created by B or b will track that ref.
  • in log buffer, a, C-u a and C-u C-u a (egg-log-buffer-attach-head, what's a bad name) changed their binding. a now will do reset --keep. C-u a will do reset --hard. C-u C-u a will prompt the user the type of reset to perform.
  • added egg-log-buffer-revert-rev
  • in log buffer, u and C-u u (egg-log-buffer-push-to-local) changed their binding. the source of the local push will be the commit under the cursor. if a commit was marked, it will be used as target. if no commit was marked, then HEAD will be the target. C-u u will force the ask the user for the name of the target. C-u C-u u wil force a non-ff move. if the target was not HEAD, the command wil push source on target. if the target was HEAD, and non-ff mode was not forced, the command will attempt to do a merge --ff-only from source to HEAD. if non-ff mode was forced, the command will do a reset --hard on source, ie. move HEAD the source.
  • in the log buffer, C-u / (egg-search-changes) now will do search for posix regexp. C-u C-u / will search for a line matching a regexp. commit:querry buffer now correctly display the pickaxed commit (restricting them to the diffs introducing or removing the search target.) the search target will also be highlighted.
  • in log buffer, C-u = will now do a pickaxed diff. it will ask the user for a string to search in the diff. C-u C-u = will prompt the user for pickaxe mode (string, regexp or line). The displayed diff will be restricted to the diffs introducing or removing the search target.
  • pickaxe commands such as egg-search-changes now will run inferior git in async mode because pickaxing take a long time on large repo.
  • in status buffer, C-u w will ask the user whether untracked files should be stash as well.
  • starting the manual

fixed bugs

  • fixed egg-help-key face definition
  • replaced delete-duplicates with delete-dups (reduce CL usage)
  • fixed invoked-interactively-p (it's now a macro)
  • fixed async problem when working with multiple repo (the buffer was wired to the 1st repo). add with-egg-debug-buffer and with-egg-async-buffer to make it cleaner
  • fixed many missing save-match-data
  • improved egg-repo-state handling. added name and email. added egg-user-name and egg-user-email
  • fixed decoration for cc diff
  • fixed bug in egg-log-locate-commit, it should work correctly now
  • fixed bug in egg-stash-buffer-pop and egg-stash-buffer-apply. the index should now be correctly restored.

internal changes

v1.0.3 (not released)

  • Persistenk hunk state fixes
  • Made the mode compatible with package.el's format
  • support emacs 22. use interactive-p wrapper function
  • fix not to use goto-char function
  • support stage multiple files You can select target files and type "s" on status view, you will stage selected files.


  • fixed window kill when finish commit or cancel commit
  • fixed don't work when .git directory is symlink


  • add feature to stage selected area on egg-status Thanks for jedbrown and mooz


  • add option comment for egg-mode-key-prefix
  • update indent .
  • add feature for diff other repository .


  • fix bug of View File History .

v 0.95

  • change egg-goto-block-filename function to bypte-compile some environments . Thanks for Antoine Levitt .

v 0.94

  • add const of egg-version .

v 0.93

  • fixed magit path . Thanks for SebastianRose .
  • added egg-log-msg-cancel for quit from buffer commit message . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • use vc-git for showing vs-mode-line . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • hide HEAD for log . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • remove long long message in define-egg-buffer . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • fix bug in egg-decorate-log (substring args out of range) . Thanks for Alexander Prusov .
  • add changelog to fix magit path. Thanks for Alexander Prusov .

v 0.92

  • fixed details of egg log buffer show escape charactors
  • fixed log search error
  • fixed egg-log-buffer-reflog-ref message no escap
  • fixed history search to log-buffer unescaped
  • change egg-auto-update default off
  • add egg-switch-to-buffer option . Thank for Q.P.Liu .
  • fixed that history page is not unescape .
  • reverting change which broke IDing of refs (breaking push) . Thanks for A. Amar .
  • remove debugging code from log decorator . Thanks for A. Amar .

v 0.91

  • support git 1.7.x from strav/master
  • fixed log output
  • status auto-update merge from bandresen/master
  • Fixed bug in egg-hunk-section-cmd-visit-file-other-window. from eostrom/master
  • Merge branch 'blamefix' of git:// into mkleehammer-master
  • fork git://