The rwsc is Rakuten Web Service library for ruby . This is official git repository of rwsc .
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RWSC stands for Rakuten Web Service Client. This is the Rakuten Web Service API Wrapper for Ruby.

This README covers the basic usage.

Step 1. Install the gem:

sudo gem install rwsc

Step 2. Require the gem (You may need to also require rubygems, depending on your setup):

require 'rubygems' require 'rwsc'

Step 3. Use the gem to make a call to the API:

result_object = Rwsc::ItemSearch.find(:keyword => “cool stuff that they only have in Japan”, :developerId => [Your_Rakuten_Developer_ID]*)

Other params to try:


Step 4. Get a response:

The information you get is in a data_hash, wrapped in the result_object. To access any underlying data, just call the keys of the hash as methods on your result_object. (ie. result_object.items)

This is a hash of hashes and arrays, so you might have to drill down to get the info you're looking for.

Anyways, these are the keys of the big data_hash: “items” “hits” “args” “status” “carrier” “page_count” “last” “first” “count” “page”

For more info on what is supported by this particular API (Item search), check out **

With google translate as your friend, you should be able to glean the request params and response body.

Use of RWSC through a Proxy

When you have to connect through a proxy server, you should also set these variables before your call to Rwsc::ItemSearch.find:

Rwsc::Config.proxy_host = "YOUR_PROXY_HOST"
Rwsc::Config.proxy_port = YOUR_PROXY_PORT

== If you want to development
Please install rr >= 1.0.2 and rspec >= 2.2.0 .

*What's that? You don't have a Rakuten developer ID? You can click the top link on the blue box in the upper left corner on this page:

With good luck and google translate, you might be able to get by. But feel free to get in touch with if you have any questions.

**And yes, those are 24 other APIs to the left, just waiting to be implemented. Fork away!