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Flash firmware to STM32 microcontrollers using Python.
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florisa/stm32loader with added support for CORE2 board update using SBC gpios.

Most of this software is copyrighted by their respective owners:


Read REQUIREMENTS document and follow the instructions for your SBC.


In repository's root directory run:

$ sudo python install


./ [-hqVewvrsRB] [-l length] [-p port] [-b baud] [-P parity] [-a address] [-g address] [-f family] [file.bin]
    -e          Erase (note: this is required on previously written memory)
    -u          Readout unprotect
    -w          Write file content to flash
    -v          Verify flash content versus local file (recommended)
    -r          Read from flash and store in local file
    -l length   Length of read
    -p port     Serial port (default: /dev/tty.usbserial-ftCYPMYJ)
    -b baud     Baud speed (default: 115200)
    -a address  Target address (default: 0x08000000)
    -g address  Start executing from address (0x08000000, usually)
    -f family   Device family to read out device UID and flash size; e.g F1 for STM32F1xx

    -h          Print this help text
    -q          Quiet mode
    -V          Verbose mode

    -s          Swap RTS and DTR: use RTS for reset and DTR for boot0
    -c          sbc used to update CORE2
    -W          write unprotect
    -R          Make reset active high
    -B          Make boot0 active low
    -u          Readout unprotect
    -n          No progress: don't show progress bar
    -P parity   Parity: "even" for STM32 (default), "none" for BlueNRG

To perform firmware update of CORE2 board run:

  • Raspberry Pi:
    $ stm32loader -c rpi -e -w -v firmware.bin
  • Asus Tinker Board:
    $ sudo stm32loader -c tinker -e -w -v firmware.bin
  • UpBoard:
    $ sudo stm32loader -c upboard -e -w -v firmware.bin
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