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iOS: Publish ipa with Xcode

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If you are ready to publish your game to iTunes Connect, please follow this instruction.

(You can test your game the same as always in Stencyl).

If you are publish your game with Stencyl, you will get this error:

1- Publish to "iOS" in Stencyl
(Or you can use the xcode project thats already build when test on device with Stencyl, skip this step and step 2,3)

2- Select Publish to AppStore

3- Save .ipa to, after saving delete it.

4- Now open Finder and open your game in Xcode: ../YOUR_NAME/stencylworks/games-generated/YOUR_GAME/Export/ios/YOUR_GAME.xcodeproj (double click on it)

5- Delete Build Haxe by clicking your right mouse button
Or to run your game from xcode, run "haxelib setup /path/to/Stencyl/plaf/haxe/lib" from terminal.

6- Go to: "Targets->YOUR_GAME->Capabilities"

7- Push Fix Issue button in "Game Center" section

Upload .ipa to App Store with Xcode

1- Create an archive of your app. Go to Product->Archive (You have to connect your device to create an Archive)

2- Upload your app to iTunes Connect. It will automatic validate the archive

3- Follow instructions

Upload .ipa to App Store with Application Loader

1- Create an archive of your app. Go to Product->Archive

2- Validate the archive.
3- Export: Save for iOS App Store Deployment (Follow instruction)
.ipa will save on your Desktop.

4- Open Application Loader

5- Do what you alway's do to upload your .ipa

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