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Welcome to The Kyzr Project's Server Repo

The Android repo can be found here!


What is The Kyzr Project?

It is a cool project

How do I play?

Download the app!

Where can I check my Torch's location?

How the server is run

Our server is a full-stack implementation of a LAMP server setup. We are running Debian 7, Apache server, Mongodb and python-Flask.

For mapping the travel of the torch we are using Google Maps API, with on-the-fly javascript creation.

Updating the database is done via POST requests.

What do I need to run the server?

####This is for people who want to create their own implementation of the server code. ###The dependencies this project is built off of are:

  • python-2.7
  • python-flask (latest version)
  • pyMongo-3.0 (or later)
  • Mongodb-ALL-2.0.6 (or later)
  • Apache2-server

###Installation To install the code onto your server you will first need to set up Apache2-server with Flask. A good tutorial on this can be found on DigitalOceans website.

Once that is set up, simply copy this code into the /var/www/ folder.