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/r/startpage or new tab page
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startpage [demo]

a /r/startpage and new tab page



to show your current scrobble from (or, update the apikey and username.

apikey = ""; // FILL IN
apibase = "";
user = ""; // FILL IN


open weather map is being used, location is grabbed with navigator.geolocation, add your own api key in the api url.


just copy the filler links in the bookmark container and add your own!


add a definition to the searchmod dictionary with the following infortmation (example below)

"e:": ["example", "", "(to right, #fe8c00, #f83600)", "#fe8c00"]
  • the key is the what you type before your querty to search that site
  • the first element is the name displayed above the searchbar
  • the second element is the site's base search url
  • the third element is the background for the searchbox (i recommend gradients)
  • the fourth element is the color of the name displated above the searchbox

background switcher

you can add background to toggle throughy by adding images, colors, or gradients to the background array (example below)

["#08AEEA", "linear-gradient(to left, #e2e2e2 0%, #2AF598 100%)"];

the background will be set to both values, so you can add a fallback.

thanks to jaredk3nt and maxbeier for the resources and inspiration.

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