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The house that demo apps built

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The haus for demo applications built with PhoneGap


To provide example applications of PhoneGap in use, primarily as a learning tool for those developing mobile applications with the framework.

Possible Approaches

There are essentially three ways we can do this:

  1. Create one application for each API/plugin.
  2. Create one application that allows for "viewing" of each API in action. Not a "real" application, per say - very demo-y.
  3. Create many real (app store worthy) applications that utilize multiple APIs/plugins.

Initial Approach

Create a real, app-store-worthy application that utilizes most APIs.

Possible Application Types

  1. game

    • accelerometer
    • media
    • notification
    • events
  2. photosharing/editing

    • camera
    • capture
    • contacts
    • geolocation
    • notification
  3. physical activity tracking

    • geolocation
    • compass
    • capture
    • media
    • contacts
  4. to-do list This is the one that Joni will tackle first, as it can demonstrate most APIs and is an common/understood app type.

    • storage
    • device
    • events
    • connection (sync to cloud)
    • notification (due date/time notification)
    • camera/capture (take a photo to attach to a task in list)
    • media/capture (record audio to attach to a task in list)
    • contacts (share a list)
    • geolocation (geotag a task/photo)
    • accelerometer (tilt-scolling, shake to clear)
    • file
    • missing: compass : (
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