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Obyte browser chat

A library for establishing chat sessions between your web-based dapp and the user's Obyte wallet. Use the chat to:

  • request payments, including payments in multiple assets;
  • request to sign a message;
  • request user's address (without having to copy/paste);
  • request private profiles (such as real name attestations);
  • request a vote in a poll.

This library uses local storage


yarn add obyte-browser-chat obyte


import browserChat from "obyte-browser-chat"


1. Create an instance of obyte.js client

import obyte from "obyte";

export default new obyte.Client('wss://'); // or wss:// for livenet

2. Create an instance of chat

import browserChat from "obyte-browser-chat";

import client from "..."; // obyte.js client instance

export default browserChat({
  name: "", // chat name that'll show up in the user's wallet
  client, // obyte.js client instance
  testnet: true

3. Use

import browserChatInstance from "..."; 

const payments = [
    address: "2QVJOY3BRRGWP7IOYL64O5BU3WLUJ4TZ",
    amount: 1e9, // integer, amount in smallest units
    asset: "base"
    amount: 2e9,
    asset: "base"

const paymentJsonBase64 = browserChatInstance.generatePaymentString({ payments });

const message = `Send bytes \n[send](payment:${paymentJsonBase64})`;

const link = browserChatInstance.sendMessageAfterPairing(message);


<a href={link}>Click</a>


getPairingLink - Returns a link for pairing

const pairingLink = browserChatInstance.getPairingLink();

Returns a link that looks like The user needs to click it to open the chat.

sendMessageAfterPairing - Returns a link for pairing

const pairingLink = browserChatInstance.sendMessageAfterPairing("We're glad to see you");

As above, plus the provided message will be sent to the user immediately after pairing.

onPairing - Callback function triggered after pairing

browserChatInstance.onPairing((msgObject) => {
  console.log("msgObject", msgObject);

  // send a plain text message
  msgObject.reply("Hi there!");

  // request to sign a text message
  msgObject.reply("Please prove ownership of your address by signing this message: [any text](sign-message-request:I confirm for that I own the address SPV5WIBQQT4DMW7UU5GWCMLYDVNGKECD)");

  // request to sign an object
  const order = {field1: "value1"};
  const orderJsonBase64 = Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(order), 'utf8').toString('base64');
  msgObject.reply(`Please sign an order: [any text](sign-message-request:${orderJsonBase64})`);

  // request a private profile
  msgObject.reply(`Click this link to reveal your private profile to us: [any text](profile-request:first_name,last_name,dob,country,id_type).`);

  // request a vote
  const objVote = {
    poll_unit: '0Vv6lhpjjk3VsKCSGML2NY/5W+WgpsNELQJ1rukhL5Y=',
    choice: 'Institute For the Future of the University of Nicosia',
  const voteJsonBase64 = Buffer.from(JSON.stringify(objVote), 'utf8').toString('base64');
  msgObject.reply(`Click to vote for ${objVote.choice}: [any text](vote:${voteJsonBase64}).`);


where msgObject contains:

  • reply - message forwarding function
  • body - object with pairing_secret field
  • sender - sender's public key

onMessage - Callback function triggered when a message is received

browserChatInstance.onMessage((msgObject) => {
  msgObject.reply("Thanks, you said: " + msgObject.body);

where msgObject contains:

  • reply - message forwarding function
  • body - received message (string)
  • sender - sender's public key

onReady - Callback function triggered when the device gets connected to the hub

browserChatInstance.onReady(() => {
  console.log("I'm connected to the hub");

generatePaymentString - Function that converts the payment object to base64

const payments = [
    address: "2QVJOY3BRRGWP7IOYL64O5BU3WLUJ4TZ",
    amount: 1e9,
    asset: "base"
    amount: 2e9,
    asset: "base"

const paymentJsonBase64 = chatInstance.generatePaymentString({ payments });


A library for chats between browser and wallet







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